In Home Care Done Right

Thank you for checking in on our Charmed Life Homecare blog. We are a licensed nurse registry providing in-home care to clients in Palm Beach and Broward counties who are in need of assistance with daily personal care and everyday activities. One of the things we like to do with our blog is answer questions about home care within the context of our caregivers advice column.

Dear Home Care Providers in Broward County,

I need some advice on what to do about my parents. My parents have had their share of health issues, but so far they seem to just need a lot more help around the house than what I or my sister can provide for them. We love them very much, but they do not want to start down the road of assisted living just yet. I’m not sure if they need it just yet. How do I know if we need home care or assisted living?

Thank you for your expertise,

Befuddled in Broward County

Dear Befuddled,

It is better to sit down with one of our home care representatives to determine the level of care needed. Since they do not have a number of medical needs, in home care may just be the thing for your parents. We have a number of services that our caregivers can help your parents with as a part of one of our home care plans. We definitely understand the need for consistent, daily help. Changes can be a little scary for the elderly, so it is important to speak to the professionals to find the best fit for your parents.

Thank you for writing into our home care providers.

Sincerely Home Care Providers